I must have weighed myself ten times this morning just to make sure the number I was seeing on the scale was real. It showed the same weight every time so I assume it must be.

I lost 7 pounds this week!!!

That’ll be motivation to keep me on track for a while.

So it was “man” themed movie week at our house this past week. We watched Man About Town, Trust the Man, and of Men.

We watched an hour of this movie and were bored out of our minds the entire 60 minutes. When we saw there was another 49 minutes to go, we decided to save ourselves the agony and just turned the movie off. We were curious to see how it ends but not nearly enough to watch it.

Trust the Man and Man about Town were both good. Not great, but an enjoyable way to kill a few hours. Especially after the crappy day I had yesterday, I just wanted to park my butt and not have to think about anything.

I’m so ready for the weekend. Tim has a golf tournament tomorrow so I’m going to take Katie to the dog park for a while. There’s a really nice one right by Tim’s old house, and I’m disappointed that there aren’t better ones near our house. Actually, there is a state park near our house that allows dogs to run free and it’s great because it’s huge - acres and acres - with streams and everything, but they charge $7 to get in! So I’m going to drive to the old one and let her get some energy out.