A lazy and relaxing weekend

Even though the weather was a bit nippy. The morning news said that my area of town could expect to wake up to snow tomorrow morning (?!). What happened to spring?

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Tim had a golf tournament yesterday (and won some money!). Katie and I went to the dog park and had a good time. Unfortunately the weather didn’t look so good, although it did stay dry the whole time we were there, so no other dogs were in the park. But she certainly worked off a lot of energy just running on her own. There is a walking path in the park that is 1/6 of a mile, so I just walked around it, occassionally chasing Katie or throwing her a ball, until we left.

Today we were very lazy and beyond doing a couple loads of laundry and the weekly changing of the bed linens, I really didn’t do much at all.

I talked to my mom yesterday and made a few more plans for our girls weekend in July. We’ve added one more night to our trip, so now we’ll be gone three nights, which thrills me. We’re definitely visiting the Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, and Durango. I’m really excited.

Last night Tim and I started planning a trip for next year. We’re calling it the “Whoo hoo we paid off Tim’s car and are now RICH!” vacation. We’re taking it the month after we make the final payment. We’ll now have an extra $1000 a month… I feel rich just thinking about it ;)

Current plans are to fly into Atlanta, rent a car and spend two weeks driving around to a bunch of different places. Obviously we won’t spend the night at every city we go through. Like Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, and Nashville. We just want to drive through there, maybe look around for a little, but basically it’s just a stop on the way to the next city where we’ll stay a little longer.

A/K - Atlanta, our starting and ending point

B - Savannah, GA

C - Hilton Head, SC

D - Charleston, SC

E - Myrtle Beach, SC

F - Raleigh, NC

G - Williamsburg, VA

H - Louisville, KY

I - Nashville, TN

J - Chattanooga, TN

K - Atlanta, departing back to CO