Busy, busy

Last night Tim told me that his parents have a trip planned for Vegas, which they need to reschedule, and want us to come with them when they pick new dates. AHHHH! One vacation this year isn’t enough?

I flat out told him that if we go to Vegas (which we were planning for our anniversary, I’d rather poke my eye out than spend my first anniversary with my in laws) that I want it to be just us. I don’t want friends, I don’t want family, absolutely no one but us. He said he understood and would tell them we can’t go with them, but explained that his parents are “envious” of the vacations we go on with my parents. Ehh… you mean this one extra Christmas vacation that we’re going on? The first one in the 4 years we’ve been together? It’s not like we’re constantly going on vacations with them.

Work has been insane today. Some of it’s my fault, I’ve been putting off work that didn’t need to be done right away. I’m trying to get everything caught up so that I can leave tomorrow without worrying that my coworkers will have to do anything for me.

I’m actually really looking forward to our trip tomorrow. We arrive in Seattle around 10:30am and we’re going to spend a few hours at the Space Needle (which I’ve never been to) and at the market before heading up to Canada. The 4.5 hour car ride with an infant and pre-teen. Can’t wait. If nothing else this weekend should give us an idea of if we really want or not ;)