Clearly I’m not meant to take a great vacation

It seems like every single vacation we have planned is making me look less and less forward to it.

We’re leaving next Thursday for a long weekend in Whistler. We’re meeting a good friend of Tim’s and his wife in Seattle and then driving up. Swell. Tim and I really like but until we have our own, we do not want to vacation with them. The 12 year old is one thing, but an infant? What the heck can we do with an infant? There goes our grand plan of an afternoon on the Ziptreck, and weekend of fancy dinners, and sleeping past 7:00 without anyone crying.

I have another long weekend with both my parents and the in laws to look forward to. I don’t know if anyone, except the in laws, are particularly looking forward to that trip any more. I’m planning on bringing lots of books, renting a canoe, and parking myself in the middle of the lake where no one can annoy talk to me.

And of course you all know the drama about our Christmas vacation. Still no word on that, but it’s frustrating all of us to have one person holding everything up.

At least the trip to Mesa Verde with my mom is fairly simple. We picked dates (end of July!) and the only unfortunate thing is that we can’t be gone quite as long as I would have liked, but long enough.

Tim and I are also trying to plan a trip for our one year anniversary. We were planning on going to Vegas, but now we’re thinking that because it really won’t be that cheap after the hotel, food, and show costs are added, that maybe we’ll go somewhere else instead. Does anyone have any suggestions? We’re looking to stay in the US and somewhere that maybe isn’t too expensive.