2 and a half hours I’ll never get back

Last night we watched The Good Shepard. I was so disappointed. The idea of the movie is good and the cast had great potential, but the movie was so boring, pointless, and just… blah. I felt absolutely nothing for any of the jasminlive characters and didn’t care at all what happened to any of them. We’re watching The Queen and Deja Vu next, and hopefully they’re better. Or at least shorter.

Wine suggestions

Some day in the next two weeks my family is having a combined dinner to celebrate my parents anniversary, my brothers birthday (nearly a month ago!), and his girlfriends birthday. Normally I wouldn’t get her anything for her birthday, but since we’re actually going to be celebrating it with her, I need to get her something. I’d like to get her a bottle of wine, but I don’t want to spend more than around $25. Unfortunately she’s a bit (ok, a lot) snobby when it comes to food and wine, so I was hoping someone could recommend a good bottle that she wouldn’t trash the minute she got to her own house. Any suggestions??

My brother had surgery yesterday to remove a bone tumor from one of his toes. It’s a bit scary to hear the word ‘tumor’, you know? A good friend of the family is a surgeon and podiatrist and he said they’ll run tests just to make sure it isn’t cancer, but it’s really absolutely nothing to worry about. My mom’s foot has been bothering her so she went to the doctor early this week and was told that she broke a bone in her foot and that she had torn some ligaments, so she’ll probably need surgery sometime soon

Happy anniversary

Today is Tim’s parents anniversary. I’m not sure how many years this is… maybe 21 or 22? I can never remember how old Tim was when they got married. Anyway, congratulations to them. We’re taking them to dinner tonight to celebrate, but I’m not sure where we’re going.

His parents were supposed to come to our house at 7:00 this morning. What’s up with that? I was out of the house long before that, and I know the reason they’re so early is because they had to ship some dogs on an early flight, but still… that’s really early. Go grab some breakfast or something.

Well, it seems that plans are finalized to go to Orlando right after Christmas. I’m actually really excited, although Costa Rica would have been my first choice, because I love anything Disney and there is a lot of stuff we would like to do there.

My brother’s girlfriend also finally decided she’d come. Isn’t that nice of her? Although my mom said she’s checking into travel insurance, so if anything happens they’ll be able to cancel her part of the trip and get their money back.

Tim and my brother are planning on playing golf in Orlando, something I fully support and plan on spending that part of the day at a spa or shopping. My mom, however, said she doesn’t think Nick’s girlfriend will let him play golf. What the hell? When is this chaturbate girl going to learn to pick her battles and stop being demanding and bitchy about everything? There are very, very few things I would ever tell Tim he couldn’t do, and golf sure as hell isn’t one of them.

I know my brother, and although I’m shocked that he’s stayed in this relationship as long as he has, and I know that eventually he’ll get tired of her idea of a relationship. A relationship where she’s always right, always expecting him to change for her and never doing the same for him.

UPDATE - Well, never mind. Apparently we’re not going to dinner after all. I guess they chose to go gambling instead of dinner with us. ??? I’m slightly offended because I thought we had firm dinner plans, and hello, these are the people that are always making comments about seeing us more. Ugh. I think Tim and I might just go to dinner on our own.

Some things you don’t need to know

One of the guys we work with just handed another coworker and I a brochure for a local “clothing optional” vacation spot in southern CO. He said he highly recommended it, and enjoyed his visit after learning about it from another guy here in the jasminelive office. I wish I could get those visions out of my head.

It feels like a really crappy Monday

I know it’s not Monday, but it might as well be.

We got a lot of rain last night. And we were lucky enough to get a lot of hail at our house, too. Big hail that came down really hard and actually bruised my shoulders as I was moving my flowers out of the danger zone.

This morning, for the third time in two weeks, the exit I take to get to work was closed due to flooding. FUCKING FIX IT ALREADY! Jesus… how many fucking times does this thing have to flood and close all day before they decide to level it out and maybe put in a decent drainage system?

I’m frustrated, but my day was not nearly as bad as the poor mother whose boy was swept down the river last night. Isn’t that horrible? There is another boy missing after being swept away yesterday too.

Yesterday I finally managed to make it to my parents house, about 2 hours late, after getting a flat tire in Tim’s car. Fortunately I was in a Target parking lot only a couple miles from our house when I noticed the flat. Unfortunately, while I am an expert tire changer, Tim’s spare tire doesn’t fit in his car because of all the modifications that have been made to it, so I had to call him and have him bring the tire in my car. Of course, once he gets there and starts to change the tire, he realizes he doesn’t have the proper tools to remove the flat tire. Oh, if only you could have heard what I was saying about him in my head.

Since I was lucky enough to have been at Target, we bought three cans of Fix A Flat and were able to drive his car over to a nearby Walmart to get the tire replaced. Too bad Walmart doesn’t carry the gigantic tires Tim has on his suv! So we drove, the thankfully very short distance, to a Discount Tire who does sell the gigantic and insanely expensive tires. But, oops, looks like the dealership messed up when they put the tires on last time and “counter threaded” the bolt things that hold the wheel on. So when the guys at the tire place went to remove the tire, all the bolts broke off and bummer, they don’t do any mechanic work there and won’t replace the bolts with new ones.

We were told that if two or more bolts broke off, the car would be undriveable until they were replaced, so we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do. They told us that there was a Brakes Plus nearby who would fix the bolts for us, and they think the car would be fine to drive that short distance. So, I guess that’s what we’ll be doing tonight… driving a car with a flat tire over to another store and hoping the entire wheel doesn’t come off in the process. Fun, fun.

Home again

We’re back! Our trip was great - very relaxing, the scenery was beautiful (although very much like CO), and actually the were great. I’m pooped, tired of flying, and so thankful to be in a comfortable king sized bed. Katie comes home tomorrow and I think I’m going to see if my mom is in town so I can drop off her Mother’s Day gift.